The Millennial Distraction Problem

Another post about social media, and another post about the problem with millennials. Sometimes I feel as though this generation does not receive enough credit, but for the sake of this post, I will do as many others before me have, and lump the millennial generation into one big pile of phone addicted hooligans. That being said, lets dive into it. Simply put, no one today is ever “bored”. While that sounds like a great concept, the reason behind it is social media (yeah not my favorite). Back before Snapchat and Instagram, no one would lay in bed or on a couch for 4 hours at a time without getting bored or falling asleep, unless they were ill. To me, looking at your phone isn’t really doing anything at all. You are just laying there, motionless, with no interaction or movement besides the constant swiping of your thumb. Why is this a problem? Well back when people couldn’t constantly distract themselves every time they had nothing to do, they had to find something to do. Not too many of my friends are walking their dogs, learning to play an instrument, drawing, or reading and writing. Don’t get me wrong, plenty of people still spend loads of time on their phone and also find time for these leisure activities. I just think that something may be missing now that we live in a world with so many distractions that it is impossible to be bored. No one will just sit outside and look around, the phone always comes out. Walk a dog, pick up an instrument, do something that actually involves living! The next time you are laying in bed, browsing thousands of pictures of some girls squat workout, please just keep in mind that you are not actually doing anything, you are just laying in bed. Get up, do something, enjoy life.

Little side note: I have zero problem with social media in moderation, and I think it can be beneficial in certain situations. I just see it getting out of control. Way out of control.


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