Day 0

Starting today I will be embarking on a journey towards a free life. Free from the desires and pleasures of man. Stress and worry have outlived their use in the human mind, and I plan on working towards the removal of negative emotions, along with any depressive or anxious qualities. Fear is a driving factor for many people, so I assume finding drive when I am content will be one of my hardest obstacles to overcome. Up to this point I have been experimenting with certain forms of meditation, fasting and forgoing pleasures, but I will now kick everything up to high gear. Many people are able to go through life only with the help of a plethora of distractions to blur the image of how miserable their life is, myself included. Remove social media, movies, tv, drugs, alcohol and other mind distracting hobbies, and the truth of human life will be revealed. Not many are comfortable alone in thought. This is also a difficult process as I am attempting to remove judgement from my life, but the idea and assumption that if I do as others do, I will in fact be miserable without distractions, is a judgement in itself. No one knows the answers, and most people just live life trickled down through the right and wrong beliefs instilled in their blood from generation upon generation. The human population is destructive, it has been shown throughout history, in the hundreds of millions of people who have died at the hands of other people, and the abuse we show our planet. This destructiveness comes from a deep rooted desire for more, and of a self image held above the image of others, or the “ego” as it is often referred to. I will be attempting to transcend the everyday hell of fleeting pleasures and pain, which will take me on a destructive journey, breaking down every thought pattern, reactive pattern, judgements and assumptions that rule the mind of most living beings. Only through this destruction will I be able to reach ever lasting peace in my day to day life.


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