The Negative Thought Trap

Every time somebody walks by, a thought about that person pops into your head.  Generally negative, and generally a fleeting thought. Most people don’t pay much attention to this self commentary about other people, but making a judgement can cause a lot of unease. This happens with buildings, shoes, and pretty much everything that comes into your line of sight. “Oh what ugly shoes” “Oh what a hideous color for a door”. These thoughts literally change the way you perceive the world. Every time you make a judgement about an object or person, it becomes the way you see this object or person. What makes something negative? Your opinion on it. Now there are some forms of injustice and unrest which would be morally wrong to not see them for what they are, but you should take action in those scenarios, instead of making these negative judgements. For the majority of the time however, it will just begin to manifest and strengthen a negative outlook on the world. Soon, nothing, not even pretty flowers or a nice view of the ocean will be enough to break free from this constant bleak outlook on everything around you. Thoughts become perception. And your perception is all you have to see the world. If your thoughts are mostly negative, your perception will be mostly negative. Now this is where it gets tricky. In recent years there has been an overwhelming amount of books and articles published on “positive psychology” . Seeing everything as beautiful and positive. This is not what you should strive for, as suppressing negative emotions, and falsifying positive ones will get you nowhere. The real root cause of your suffering is the judgements themselves. Only when you free yourself from constant judgement of everything that comes into your perception, positive or negative, will you be able to see the real beauty, beyond the analyzing and processing of the mind. Perceive, but do not judge, for judgement is suffering.


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