The “look good” workout plan

There has been a trend that I’ve noticed lately among internet workout plans, revolving around muscle-bound dudes on Instagram linking their personal training regimen. This same problem also exists in the most popular workout plans when you search for them online. They are all catered around gaining the most amount of muscle in the shortest amount of time, and are centered around ‘looking’ as good as possible. This has become a damaging trend in some areas, because the more superficial working out becomes, the more people do it just to look good. Hip stretches, shoulder mobility workouts and lower back resistance training certainly wont make your biceps pop, but these are the kind of exercises that make you feel good. If you head into the gym 4-5 times a week and move your muscles in a straight motion up and down (think bench press) and ignore any other ranges of motion in that particular muscle, your mobility and general well-being are going to decline. Start working out to improve your body, not to look better in front of a mirror, there are many benefits to training below what i call “show” muscles. When you do start training specifically for self-improvement, I’ve noticed something else. You actually look better than if you had just trained those show muscles. The body is much more balanced and your day-to-day physical ability will skyrocket. Train your body to improve your quality of life, don’t train to show other people how good you think you look.

Side note: There are a lot of quality programs floating around on the internet, and the majority of them are not all bad. Just be sure to implement mobility training and stretching into your routine. Your body will thank you.


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