a constant stream of pleasure

in our lives, we spoil ourselves. constantly rewarding ourselves with instant pleasure (food, movies, sex, social media, porn, tv, alcohol, drugs) and doing this has made us weak to our minds. we are enslaved to our minds. they are used to such a high level of constant pleasure and stimulation that we can no longer control these urges as they overpower us. we are controlled by our minds, and go through life chasing after these pleasures of the mind. the difficulty with this is that all of these pleasures are fleeting. they are more so pain in disguise, because they become addicting. once the momentary pleasure leaves us, our life becomes rather dull, and we do whatever we can to overcome this temporary lack of pleasure. this creates a life where whenever you are just being, whenever you just are, it becomes pain for your mind. learn to control these urges, and let pleasures add on to your life, not create and destroy it. only when we can truly control our mind, and have 100% control on every decision we make without having to have a mental argument in our head, will we be able to live out the real heaven that is day to day life. when you are content with nothing, content with just being, there is no more pain, there is no more waiting, the end of suffering.


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