let people do their thing

something i don’t quite understand in the world today is what people tend to get upset about. this is almost like a black hole for me that i could go into indefinitely, but i will try to not dive too deep into the infinite on this one. A lady is wearing a bright orange jacket, and someone makes a comment along the lines of “why in the world would someone wear such an ugly jacket?” … let them be. let that lady enjoy her orange coat, this article of clothing is not on your body, you need not let it bother you. Someone has a tacky haircut? good thing its not on your head. someone is eating something you hate? good thing you don’t share taste buds with them. letting things go, letting things be and letting people do their thing when they are not causing any harm to anyone will not only make you a far nicer person, it will also increase your own happiness. stressing about outside environments is the quickest way to ensure unhappiness in your own life. let things be.


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