To accept death, means to accept life

“A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time. A man does not die of love or his liver or even of old age; he dies of being a man.”

We grow accustom to our safety, to our bed, to our material belongings. We cherish these things, and they become one with our identity of self. My philosophy is that one should at-least think about death once a day, a nice reminder to ones self that the inevitable is coming. Regardless of status, health, or love, death visits us all. Most people don’t understand the blessing and the fragility of life, a rug beneath your feet just waiting to be yanked out from underneath you. I have taken it upon myself, especially on stormy cold days, to venture out into the freezing ocean. I feel my body being pounded by the waves, my legs scream of pain from the cold and my head spins. This lasts as long as I reject the feeling. The suffering of the moment becomes so intense, that it takes up my entire focus. No thoughts other than this moment that is happening right now, the instincts for survival are too great for my mind to wander and worry. It is at this time that the pain just… vanishes. No sensations, no discomfort, complete calm and peace. This only becomes when I accept death. If I am to die right now, so be it. The first time I accepted death, was the first time I truly experienced life. You begin to be overwhelmed with a sensation of joy, and gratitude, for all the luxuries and securities of your life. You realize that you need nothing. There is absolutely nothing that you need in life to be happy, the joy of being alive is the most wonderful experience one can have, and unfortunately for most people, this realization doesn’t come until they experience a real, irreversible death. Do not let life pass you by, accept death into your life, and upon doing so, you also accept life. They are night and day, sun and moon, rain and shine. One cannot exist without the other. We are all eternal beings, experiencing the phenomenon of life through our physical bodies. Nothing you do with this life will make you complete, no goal, no amount of money, no amount of power, these are all fleeting pleasures. Realize you are you are life, you are death, and you are complete. We go through life searching and searching, not realizing that everything we are searching for is already right here, now.


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